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Animal Farm - a written test

My students in year two are having a written test on Animal Farm. It is based on talks we´ve had while working our way through the novel together for the past three weeks. Given the complexity of the story, however, the focus in a written test like this naturally has to be narrowed down. Next year, when I may be using the novel again, the test may look quite differently. 

Answer the following three questions, writing altogether 400-700 words:

1. The seven commandments.
Eventually, all seven commandments are being violated throughout the story. Explain how three of them are being altered - and why (you choose which three you want to write about).

 2. Napoleon´s leadership
Explain how and why Napoleon outmanouvres Snowball on the farm - and how he benefits from his absence afterwards.

3. Manipulative mass media
One theme in Animal Farm is that of mass media deliberately manipulating the other animals. Who is “mass media” in Animal Farm and how exactly does he go about twisting the minds of the other animals? Give examples.

Even though we do not live in a dictatorship in Sweden, could you think of examples of how our minds are being twisted even in our contemporary society?