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Visar inlägg från december, 2018

Security vs Personal Integrity?

It is the third year in a row my English 7 students write an assignment on the issue of "security vs personal identity". Whistleblower Edward Snowden, of course, has been at the center of our talks about what constitutes a modern society in which we pursue a balance between wishing to feel secure as well as being able to maintain some sense of secludedness.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, barely anyone in the class was initially familiar with Snowden´s name. Asked in the street, Americans (even!) frequently confuse him with Wikileak´s Julian Asange, whereas some wonder if he is some sort of comedy star? And no wonder, because that is what news tends to do to us: we forget what happened last week. Consider, then, that some years have passed now since Snowden first became a househould name.

The issue is highly relevant, though. Pertinently, some have pointed out that the extent to which we willfully hand out personal information in cyber space would have been a dream for every Stasi-l…