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English 7 - an in-depth study

As part of the English 7 course the students are obliged to conduct an in-depth study: formulating an issue of inquiry, finding and assessing adequate sources, exploring the issue while eventually discussing and drawing a conclusion.

As for the course I am currently running the students have had five lessons, amounting to 7,5 hours, to write a text of 1200-2000 words. They write on the digital platform, and they are not able to write on the text in between the lessons. They bring the sources with them, printed out on paper.

So, what are they writing about? The students are indeed writing about all sorts of subjects and I am looking forward to reading their texts. They write about feminism in Iran, the rise of Apple, The Sons of Anarchy and Hell´s Angels, the pros and cons of gated communities, the possible legalization of cannabis, the uprising in Hongkong, the growth of League of Legends, death penalty, etc. etc. Before they even started to write each one had to consult me and present their topic. 

As always, given this process has been running over several weeks and given the time of the year when bacterial and viral infections are rife, more than one or two people have been absent during class on more than one occasion due to illness, etc. We may therefore need some further lessons after the leave week 8 in order to terminate properly. 

Obviously, writing a text of this length and this complexity has been a new and perhaps somewhat stressful experience to all. It is my impression, however, that it has been benefitting to them. It is too early for me to assess the outcome, though.


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