Fortsätt till huvudinnehåll

Consent as in tea, as in sex

Today in an economics class we learned what the word consent means. By the face of it it is really not that hard a word - seven letters, two syllables -  yet, studying statistics, for some reason it appears to be quite difficult to learn?  We spotted it in our textbook and I was then reminded of a post I read on Facebook about the Thames Valley Police who recently launched the campaign "Consent is everything". As a part of that venture they have even released a short film which within a short while has received a lot of credit and tons of clicks on social media. 

The point is, the film argues in a distinctly British style, you shouldn´t force other people to drink tea if they don´t want to. It requires their consent. The analogy to sex is made elegantly and ingeniously, spelled out with the force of a sledge hammar. Hopefully.

HERE is the link. You really want to see it.


  1. Den visar ungdomsmottagningen när de besöker år 1! Mycket fint och effektivt budskap.

  2. Oj, de är på hugget. Filmen har inte funnits länge. 😊


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